New Blogging Website, Apple Cider Mimosas, & Disney Princesses

As several of you know, I am new to this whole blogging thing. I have always been a writer, but I am just now getting the hang of sharing my work with the world. In fact, this is my first blog for this new website! After a solid 24 hours of brainstorming for a new blog name, I (along with the help of my mother) decided on “Carefree in Carolina”. It just has a special ring to it, doesn’t it? And it definitely sounds more professional than my former “Brookie Bloggin'”.

One of my dear family friends, Ms. Melissa Vera, invited me to a blogging meet-up kind of night where I was able to meet several wonderful women. There were a couple women there that haven’t started blogging yet and many that already have successful blogs. In fact, I was able to sit next to another dear family friend, Ms. Cindi Pate, and I was able to learn more about her magazine (so, a printed blog, per say: “Down Home”): it was incredibly inspirational to be around so much talent!

This event was hosted by Melissa’s blog, “Adventures of Frugal Mom” and was held at Goldsboro’s Coco Darlings, which is coordinated by Ms. Courtney Churakos (event planning) and Ms. Misty Allen (photography). Let me just give a quick shout out to this place: it’s awesome! Coco Darlings is a business that plans and coordinates birthday parties of all ages and also Bachelorette parties. You could have your event at their location, or they could come to you! The target audience is little girls, as they can dress up as princesses, make body scrubs, have their nails painted, and even meet their favorite princesses. However, they also have superheroes and they will also soon have Harry Potter characters! Coco Darlings is also extremely involved with philanthropy.

Misty with Memories Creative Photography also talked to us about perspective, and she reminded us that we will all see things in a different way and that it’s a good thing to share the way we think. She encouraged us all to take a picture of the same centerpiece, and she’s currently holding a contest on her page. The person with the most likes on their photo will get a free photoshoot! How neat is that? The picture that I sent in is in the slideshow below.

Here are some pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did of just how much fun I had at this event! This is definitely a community of women that want nothing more than to support one another, and I am delighted to begin working (and growing!) alongside them.

No matter what you’re interested in, there will always be other people that have the same interests as you – it’s more fun when you have a support system behind you! I urge you to go out and meet new people. Join a new group, get involved with something you’ve always wanted to do, and challenge yourself.


Stay tuned, friends. The best is yet to come!


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