Caroling, Presents, and Ghosts – Oh my! It’s Surely “A Christmas Carol” Time! (Audition Information for CST’s 9th Annual “A Christmas Carol”)

Hear ye, hear ye!

Is it that time of year already? It sure is!

Center Stage Theatre will be hosting auditions for its annual production of “A Christmas Carol” on October 18th and 19th at 6:30 PM at the Wayne County Museum (116 N. William Street). Rehearsals will be held at Wayne Community College until production week. (The shows are on December 9th-11th at the Goldsboro Paramount. Be on the lookout for another blog post with details about these performances!)

The Production Crew *currently consists of… Director: Stephen Langston; Assistant Director: Julie Ham; Producer: Jennifer Langston; Stage Manager: Mike Saviak; Choreography: Heather Kaye; Composer: Jennifer Vinciguerra; Costumes: Leslie Fortuna; Costume Help: Jennifer Langston, Chloe Langston, Rebecca Flores, and Brooke Mayo; Set Design: Stephen Langston, David Langston, and Nick Ham; Properties: David, Lily, and Lewis Langston; Script Edits: Stephen Langston and Brooke Mayo; and Official Photographer: Tim Faulkner 

*The Production Crew is subject to change. If anybody is interested in helping with this show, please contact Jennifer Langston at The more the merrier!

Are you interested in potentially auditioning? Whether you’re a CST veteran or a newbie, this is the show for you! 

For those interested in auditioning, be prepared to dance and read lines. No singing will be involved, but carolers may be cast for this show. (If you’re a horrible dancer, no worries! Only a portion of those cast will actually have to dance in the show!) When asked if the crew had any suggestions for those auditioning, they recommend to “bring your jolly holiday spirit” and to “be yourself with a positive energy!” Roles are available for all age, race, family size, and talent level.

If you aren’t interested in auditioning (or if you aren’t available during the production weekend), be sure to email Jennifer Langston! The crew will find a way to keep you involved!

The Production Crew has been preparing tirelessly for this show for months! When Stephen Langston was asked why he wanted to direct this show, he acknowledged that CST has been such a big part of his family’s theatrical experience here in Goldsboro, and that seeing families and friends come together for previous “Christmas Carol” performances has inspired him to direct it himself this year.

Jennifer Langston is also excited about this year’s production. “We are wanting to make this show a family affair for not only the audience members but also the people involved,” Mrs. Langston said. “There really is something for everybody: From acting to working backstage, we want to give out as many opportunities as possible!”

The production crew believes that this story has remained a family tradition for audiences all over because it is simply a classic. Audiences have come to see CST’s annual show every year because no year is ever the same: there will always be something different to see! With every director, cast, and crew, there is always a new vision.

This year, the cast and crew will be more involved in the community than ever before! Not to give away too many secrets, but be on the lookout for a spectacular “Christmas Carol” event at the Charles B. Aycock Birthplace soon! (Think characters walking around, lantern tours, and more – it’s going to be awesome!) I’ll probably post a blog about that, too, when the time comes. 🙂

Also, be on the lookout for a service project that will be emerging soon with this cast and crew. There are no major details yet, but there is an interest in helping a family or two here in the Goldsboro area that were personally affected by Hurricane Matthew. This project will more than likely be partnered by David Langston’s Boy Scout Troop 258, and it may include a clothing drive or financial contributions. More details will become public knowledge when it is decided.

“We want this ‘Christmas Carol’ experience to be a new experience for those involved, despite it being an annual production,” Jennifer Langston said. “We are delighted to encourage community participation, and we are excited to see what this production has to offer our community and the people in it.”


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