15 Things that Bug Me this Halloween Season

So, I have been trying super hard not to be a “Negative Nancy” on social media, but sometimes I can’t help but to roll my eyes at reality…

Here are 15 things that bug me this Halloween season:

  1. Politics. Both of our candidates suck. End of story.
  2. People who put their kids (aka anybody younger than high school-aged) in politically affiliated shirts. Brainwashing, much?
  3. People who are overly negative all the flippin’ time (and, yes, I do see the irony/hypocrisy in this one). But, come on… the world isn’t out to get you. I promise.
  4. People who do not say “thank you” when you open the door for them. Rude.
  5. Waiting.Β 
  6. The fact that it isn’t quite cold enough to wear scarves yet.
  7. Nicolas Sparks books and the constant realization of just how single I am. I seriously do this to myself. (Hah, I’m not searching, though)
  8. When some people just can’t take a hint…
  9. Not ever having enough space for all of my clothes (Yes, #firstworldprobs. I know).
  10. When I have to wear anything but yoga pants or leggings. Dudes and Dudettes, jeans are not comfortable anymore! And I feel like I have to constantly pull down dresses.
  11. Not being able to do a British accent well. It’s a struggle. It sounds like a mixture of a country twang and Irish by the time I’m done with it.
  12. People who constantly post pictures of all of the veggies they eat. Ya’ll aren’t fooling anybody. I know and you know that you actually want some apple pie. Happiness comes in different levels, folks.Β 
  13. When fuzzy socks lint gets stuck between my toes. Gosh, I can’t stand that!
  14. When my brain is going a million miles an hour as soon as I lay down to go to sleep.
  15. The fact that my cat is still missing. 😦 

And there ya’ll have it. I know you were dying to read it. Haha.

Happy Halloween Season! Go carve a pumpkin and ride a hayride!

Featured Photo by Bedloo.


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