Why This Alum Decided to NOT Attend Cornhuskin’ This Year…

That’s right. I decided not to go this year.

For those of you that weren’t super involved with my life these last four years, you may not even know what Cornhuskin’ is. At Meredith College, there are several wacky and super fun traditions for the students to be involved in, including a huge event between the classes in the fall. Just to give you a general picture: the classes prepare a timed skit with dances, put “corny” decorations all over the campus, practice corn shucking and apple bobbing, and much more… There are several categories in Cornhuskin’, and they are all tallied differently. At the end of the event, the winner is announced. The winning class (1st Place) doesn’t necessarily get anything, but it’s nice for bragging rights. (Yeah, it sounds weird, but trust me – it is so much fun!)

I graduated college this past May, so my days of participating in Cornhuskin’ are no longer. I only did this event for the last 3 years of college (I skipped out on it my freshwoman year), and I have many wonderful memories from this tradition. From the late night rehearsals to learning lines to decking out in yellow and green attire, my heart is so full when I think back on my Cornhuskin’ days.

However, those days were not perfect… especially this last year’s. You see, this tradition promotes unity between the classes, but it is still ultimately a competition. And, frankly, it sucks being in a competition with your college best friend, especially when she is your roommate.  I’m not going to get into old college “drama,” but my class (the seniors at the time) actually lost to the juniors. And that is a really big deal because the seniors usually win. With any competition, there will be sore winners and sore losers, but there are also people that can win and lose gracefully. I really tried to be the latter… but the sore winners really did pick a nerve with me… (Just for the record: My old roommate was super sweet about it all. She knew I was upset about my the loss and the fact that it was my last Cornhuskin’, and I appreciate that. I tried to be positive to her about their big win, too.)

With all of that said, I honestly just wasn’t in the mood to get caught up in all of those feelings and surrounded by that kind of energy again. Not quite yet. I didn’t want to see the now-seniors win Cornhuskin’ for their 2nd year in a row and I didn’t want to surround myself with those I graduated with as they bring up old memories (good and bad). As somebody that had a lead in my class’s last 3 Cornhuskin’ skits, I took the losses personally. Plus, the main people that I still talk to that attend MC are the current seniors, and I didn’t want the fact that I couldn’t be 100% into the event affect their final experience in any way.

(Many people from my class also decided to go back this year to see their Little Sis class, but that didn’t relate to me too much… because my Little Sis no longer attends MC! Haha! I do love that class, though!)

I don’t know if this post makes sense. It probably doesn’t, but oh well. I have so much love and admiration for my Alma Mater, I’d rater not take steps backward… I have to keep moving on with my life. I can’t keep living in the past, and that is exactly what I would have been doing if I attended this event tonight.

Next year, I do intend on going to Cornhuskin’. I’ll be able to go and watch students that I either student advised (2018 and 2019) or never had the chance of meeting (2020 and 2021), and I’ll be able to see this competition with an open heart and with no expectations. I look forward to that, because that’s how I feel that it should be. Alumnae should go back to see Cornhuskin’ to enjoy the familiar atmosphere, not to talk about “shoulda-coulda-wouldas,” ya know?

(I’m not saying that that is what members of my class were doing tonight. That’s not my point at all. I’m just saying that that is what I would have been doing, and that’s certainly not healthy.)

Stay corny, my friends!


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