“An Ode to the Veterans”

The Meredith Herald


Daddy served his twenty,
And Brother has just begun.
The life of a military family
Is an incomparable one.

Chances are I’ll never serve.
In a sense, I’ve served enough.
People often forget the families
That are left behind when times get tough.

The thing about military families
Is that Veterans Day is more than just one day.
Honor and respect is a daily occurrence
That doesn’t need to be asked for in any way.

Once a nation so proud, so noble –
We used to care about the ones we’ve lost.
Fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters:
That is the price that freedom costs.

We blind ourselves completely;
We turn away from the truths of war.
We claim our soldiers have support and love,
But what do we really stand for?

We cannot just ignore them,
Which is what we tend to do.
The men and women who stand for us –
Their public supporters are often few.

They are usually forgotten:
At home and far away.
Shake their hands and hear their stories;
Don’t keep looking the other way.

That uniform is more than clothing:
It’s a symbol of honor, so sincere –
Honor for serving one’s own nation,
And protecting the loved ones that they have here.

My friends, raise a glass to those heroes,
Wherever they may be,
And pray for protection on their journeys
As they protect the land of the free.

Give thanks to the Veterans,
And those who love them, too.
And when you see Old Glory flying,
Think about what she means to you.


Image courtesy of The New York Daily News.


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