Mrs. Cratchit’s Musings (Come See CST’s “A Christmas Carol” this Weekend! 12/09-12/11)


If you follow me on Facebook or Snapchat at all, you may know that I am playing Mrs. Cratchit in this year’s CST production of A Christmas CarolWith this blog, of course I knew that I’d end up writing up a post about the show, but what would be a good read?

And then it hit me! I’ll simply let my readers have a glance into my thoughts while getting ready for our final rehearsal.

Here we go…

Gotta be there by 5:30 to get a good spot in the dressing room.  Well, 6:00 will have to do. Who knew this dressing room could get so darn stinky? Is the guys’ room this bad? Doubt it. Curl the hair, curl the hair. Text from Bob Cratchit… Hmm… No time to reply. I’ll see him soon enough. Yes, I’ll zip up your dress. Curl the hair, curl the hair. Man, I need to lose weight before the upcoming musical! I’m definitely skipping the fake eyelashes tonight. Is this lipstick too dark? Nah. I’m totally going to steal these hair accessories that Jennifer made for my part once this show is over. Wait. Who isn’t here yet?? Curl the hair, curl the hair. What are my lines again? It should be Christmas, I am sure, when… Angelicaaa, Elizaaa, and Peggy… Her shirt is going to get makeup on it. Yep. It just got makeup on it. Curl the hair, curl the hair. Is it possible to make my last line less ratchet? Eh. Probably not. This really is the year Mrs. Cratchit went ratchet. Hehe. I’m so funny. Are my six Cratchit kids here yet? I should probably check on them. Unplug curling wand. Good. Walking, walking, walking. Do you have to walk so loud in these heels, Brooke? Yeah, actually. Cuz you fat. Oh yeah. One Cratchit, Two Cratchit, Three Cratchit. Where’s Charlie? Why is he under the sink? Ugh. Four Cratchit, Five Cratchit… where’s Six Cratchit? Oh, wait. She was right next to me in the dressing room. Whew! I’m not cut out to be a mom of six kids! It’s exhausting. I seriously just broke a nail. Oh, my fake husband is here. Hey! Okay. Gotta finish getting ready. Oh, nevermind. It’s time for mic check and notes. Ya’ll, just say your lines. This isn’t hard. Notes, notes, notes. I got a note?! Oh, move the set. I can handle that. Let’s practice this scene really quick while I actually have my whole family together. You stand here, you stand there. Bob, you’re supposed to be here. Yeah, here. Fine, do it your way. Ha! The director just told you to do it the way I’ve been telling you to do it. Gosh, I’m nagging you like we are actually married. Should I put my costume on? Nah. I’m not in the show until after intermission. Wait, she wants me to curl her hair? When does she go on? In two minutes? Peachy. I smell feet and something else… what is that? Tacos! It’s tacos. Quick curls are done! Bravo, Brooke. When was the last time I washed this tank top? Was it yesterday or the day before? Yeah, let’s bring that home tonight. Our shows are at 9:30, 12:00, and 7:30 tomorrow. I’m definitely gonna take a nap after the two school shows. Hopefully Charlie will take one, too. Come Monday, I’m going to miss this…


And there you have it. You’re welcome.

But, really, it has been such a pleasure being in this year’s Christmas Carol. It has been an enjoyable experience, and I have thoroughly loved all of the time that I have spent with the cast and crew.

If you’re wanting to get in the Christmas spirit, I highly suggest coming out and seeing our show! There have been some twists added this year, but it’s still the same lovable story. It would be a great experience for the whole family! If you do come, stay in the lobby afterwards so that I may come out and see you!

Here is the video of my 12 Days of Christmas Carpool Karaoke with Kenan! The Featured Photo for this article was a snapshot of a part of this video! 

The shows for the public are Friday (12/09) and Saturday (12/10) at 7:30PM and also Sunday (12/11) at 3:00PM. 

I hope to see you there!

xoxo Mrs. Cratchit 🙂



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